Super Probotector or Against: Konami started loudly in Super Nintendo

Super Probotector or Against: Konami started loudly in Super Nintendo

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Newly released Super Nintendo all the companies of video games were preparing to provide software to the heiress of the system leader of the 80 (the NES), a lot of big games (Super Ghost and Ghost or Super Tennis, for putting a few examples). Konami for his part was preparing to create a consequence of one of his games most acclaimed Against  or Probotector (according to your continent), but let's go on parts.

Super Against 3 (we will call it so in this reportage) it was following the stela of his previous deliveries that were a success so much in arcades as in domestic systems like the NES. If we could define in a few words this title it would be: frantic action. Konami obtained a game much balanced where the action was getting together perfectly with moments of platforms, to which they could be still spectacular final chiefs who were making use of the special effects of Super Nintendo.

In addition to levels in which the way was used 7 to create a perspective airs or phases at full speed on board of motorized vehicles. Other of his strong points missiles are his numerous weapon, from laser, flame-thrower, teledirigidos... with the virtue of that we can take two weapon simultaneously and exchange them as much as one wants. The armament was completed by a few dumbfounded debastadoras.

super probotector

Outstanding also his big difficulty (that can be shared by the second player) and since the absence of infinite continuations was a custom in the epoch what was lengthening his duration, fortunately for the well-off today player the game arranges of an easy level that turns out to be quite accessible.

Konami drank to us with this jewel for Super Nintendo of one of the most brilliant pages of his history. Remember that the series Against continuous in Playstation 2 with the fantastic one Against Shattered Soldier, in GBA with a port of the same title and with the infernal one Against IV for Nintendo DS.

Alert fact chorra!

Thanks to the manu blog and I articulate on against

On the other hand, a guerrillas movement existed in Nicaragua with the name of "Against". That's why, the second part was called “Super C” in console, to avoid confusions with the counterrevolutionary front.

In Europe it was decided to rename the ports for the NES as Probotector and “Probotector 2: Return of the Evil Forces“, that of Super Nintendo like “Super Probotector: Ally Rebels” and the deliveries of Megadrive and Gameboy simply like Probotector. Also the protagonists were robots and the plot line changed lightly. In the versions of 32 bits and later one happened to adopt the "international" name.

Author Raul Lara Royon Fecha Agosto 2 2008 Section reportages

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Date August 5, 2008

One of big arcades of all the times, essential.
Good work, fortitudes and forward:]


raulraul http://gameadaffiliates
Date August 5, 2008

Thank you Pedja!!!!!!!!


wildkyowildkyo http://
Date August 11, 2008

Good hours I threw to this one, sometimes, my unbearable game.
Graphically, for the epoch, it was impressive and the truth is that it survives very well.
Original still preserved it in my collection. :)
Fortitude with the web figure! ^^


Roy RamkerRoy Ramker http://
Date August 16, 2008

This was the second game that I bought to myself for SNES and to today keep on being one of my favorites, with that I say everything! The whole jewel on the part of Konami.
That you are very successful with the blog, which is very nice! ;)


Date August 19, 2008

That the biggest game, good graphs, sound, intelligent use of modo7... has everything.
If that Konami began strongly, but unfortunately a few talented employees it cut itself off of the company and founded Treasure. I say unfortunately fundamentally for that we had the snes, because they began extracting games for MegaDrive, of the caliber of Gunstar Heroes or Dynammite Headdy


gameadaffiliatesgameadaffiliates http://gameadaffiliates
Date August 21, 2008

Thanks for the support comments, this reception was not waiting for me

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