The best of Sega Master System

The best of Sega Master System

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After his few American fortune Sega it  throws in Europe (1987) the first version of Master's degree System, a design that was following the line of the NES (it was looking like rather a cassettes reporductor), also it could use a few cards that were coming with the games and it was including some grooves for future expansions. In the old continent and Brazil (thanks to Toytec) the second model of the console (Master's degree System II) enjoyed of a big success topcoat for campaigns and descents of price in which the console was selling for 30 € with the game Sonic the Hedgehog.

sega master's degree system

Based on this success many were the high quality games that appeared in the console, and in this reportage we make you a child tentenpie with the most out-standing.



Sonic the hedgehog

The delivery of the most famous hedgehog of the world of the video games was not a port of the delivery of Gentle Drive, but it was a game independent and done from zero, where there was putting itself a lot of more emphasis on the platforms than on the extreme speed. He was enjoying a big music, an exceptional coloring (it was leaving them in nappies to everything seen in consoles rivals as the NES). His worlds were going from the outstanding figures Green Hill, happening for bridges, jungles, or futurist cities at labyrinthine levels.

Alex Kidd in miracle World

Other of the original games of the console of Sega, exceptional platforms with a big objects variety, from motorbikes, rings of fire, motorboats and terrifying levels where the title has no piety with the occasional player

You can see our analysis Alex Kidd

Land of Illusion  

Fruit of the union of Sega and Disney came this consequence of Castle of Illusion, also excellently. This game would put us in Mickey's skin to rescue his beautiful lover, the game emphasizes for his again incredible coloring, his level variety, in which ones we will find multiple secrets as we are gathering skills (p.e. to climb, to become a child to happen for narrow hollows). His they it snow they will include from lakes to inverse castles, dark fortitude, frantic struggles against the fire or the grounds of Gulliver.


Sega again was betting for personages known by the infantile public, especially the old continent (as we had commented on Master's degree System it was successful in Europe).

In this occasion we will put ourselves facing a varied game of platafomas that was inviting us to cover the Roman empire alternating Asterix and Obelix, each one with its own skills (after one knowing explosive magic philter other extraordinary force). A pair of years later his consequence Asterix would see the light and the Secret Mision another excellently game about which we will speak already in another occasion.

More on Asterix Master System

Ninja Gaiden  

In this occasion the proper Sega it would bring to us its own vision of the series Ninja Gaiden  that was a big success in the NES and Tecmo it transferred his license so that it was developing in Master's degree System.

ninja gaiden master's degree system

A very dynamic jugabilidad mixed with big quantity of jumps measured to the millimeter, numerous weapon, big difficulty in eight challenging levels that turn Ninja Gaiden into the best action game of ours Master's degree System



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