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Classic in 2,5

We return with the ia, in this occasion we can see a species of remiscellany of classic game with elements in 3D, (what Miyamoto called 2 '5D). Nevertheless I cannot give you a lot of information because it does not have web page (or at least I have not found it).

The project has very good face, I hope let's be able to play it soon, and as it cannot be missing in the series the music is brilliant

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Since it became World of Goo

Since well you know, World of Goo is one of the games most emphasized from the service Wii Ware.  The boys of 2D boy (his developers) tell us in the siguente video as they took the process of creation of the game, from the initial sketches up to the creation of the art and musical.

Also Nintendo and Gametrailers have summoned a contest of manualidades (or that has seemed to understand me) on World of Goo, after the jump we leave you with a video of a dinosaur full of adorable little bolls of Goo.

On the blog these days have been a little blurred, from a fall on Saturday, up to a change of accommodation, with his respective change of DNS, accompanied on a small mistake of readdressing that I have already solved. All this together with some minor changes and some mail for answering (it will be answered of course). For tomorrow I hope that everything should return to the normality

To keep on reading As it became World of Goo Fecha March 11, 2009

The pirates win: it is already possible to unload Resident Evil 5

So if friends, like us count our Wildgames friends, already it is possible to unload Resident Evil 5 in most of systems P2P. More than one week before the game of this capcom to the sale in the whole world, those of the patch in the eye can already obtain free the game most waited of the year.

Final trailer Resident Evil 5 from gameadaffiliates on Vimeo

Sincerely it is a sorrow first because it is not the first time that happens (let's remember Aura 2, GTA IV between others), but it is something that supposes me a big sorrow seeing like persons who do not appreciate the video games they have free access and before time to what we take so much time waiting. The honest ones we will have to wait on Friday, the 13th of March to do with the return Resident Evil, one of the most classic sagas of the world of the video games. The only consolation that we have is that at least we could already have confirmed that it has the brilliant way mercenaries.

To keep on reading The pirates win: it is already possible to unload Resident Evil 5 Date March 5, 2009

The first video of GTA Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS

One of the 'explosions' of the past E3 2008 was the announcement of a new delivery exclusive for Nintendo DS of one of the games most wanted well by chance fans of San Andreas as for the hardcore keen of the 'Golden sect'. GTA already this Chinatown Wars to the return of the corner, in particular his throwing will be at the end of March, and it promises very much how this first video of the game shows in movement with something more about detail.

The previous appearance of the series of Rockstar in Nintendo was Grand Theft Edict in GBA that as this one was following the premises of the first deliveries of the series

To keep on reading the First video of GTA Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS Fecha 27 de Febero of 2009

The games of the DSi: Wario Ware and Flipbook

In the last years and thanks to the politics of Nintendo to invest in I+D+I that has led us to seeing numerous innovations like the DS or the Wii control, nevertheless the movement is demonstrated walking for it the series Wario Ware has been chosen in multitude of occasions to show us the kindness of new Nintendo hardware.

Attentive to the repetitions!

Wario Ware DSi allows us to use the camera of new Nintendo DSi to be able to interact with the rapid minigames, moving and using our hands then to break of laugh with the repetitions (attentive at the end of the video that is to die of laugh), also we can keep them like fund on the title screen. Since you already will know the exclusive games for DSi they will be able to unburden themselves in the shop DSi Ware

To keep on reading The games of the DSi: Wario Ware and Flipbook Fecha 23 of Febero of 2009

Because of that Capcom and his games divide the velveteen

"Diversion. The most important thing is that you have to remember that the games are to amuse themselves and the user has to enjoy them. If you cannot make this of that time I believe that the company has lost the reason of existing. This is the spirit that never changes in Capcom." Producing Takeguchi of Resident Evil 5

capcom games

With this philosophy big things are obtained that's why Capcom is to today the Japanese company of games more in form and games like Zack and Wiki, Dead Rising, Resident Evil 5 or Bionic Commando like that testify it.

To keep on reading because of that Capcom and his games divide the velveteen There Dates 21 of Febero of 2009

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