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Come to my home: There is holiday!

Since well you will know for a few days the playstation users 3 they can enjoy the new persistent world that Sony has prepared for us.

And since it usually say "the people the esta tying up brown", if it is that come was seen, the people doing the conga, hordes of adolescents acneosos in search of few females (or at least they say it be) that they swarm round there. Anyway a pitorreo, of course only within reach of those who manage to tune in to Home

Youtube gives faith of it

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 Melisa Z said: What is? It looks alike to second life... (...)

Playstation 3 in the channel news wii

It was about the past E3 (remember July, 2008) when innocently I light my Wii, I look to the window of the channel at news and do not believe what they see my eyes "A new video game of Sony". A game for Playstation 3 was a news about the channel news about the competition.


This game was DC Universe Online game that Sony Online Entertaintment is preparing for Playstation 3

To keep on reading Playstation 3 in the channel news wii Dates: On October 6, 2008
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 Raul said: In fact I believe that they must have a filter species in the news, only that pair (...)

Super Little Big Bros

Little this Big Planet almost to the return of the corner (it will go out at the end of October) but many people of the press already has it (between them Akihabara Blues) and levels are created for this funny face of game that probably will be one of the stars of the Christmases for Playstation 3.

In this video someone has recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros with an amazing loyalty, the truth is that if with a little time these marvels are created, as there will be the levels when the fans learn the secrets of this game.

PD.: Attentive to since SackBoy moves the control of Playstation 3 simultaneously that we move.

To keep on reading Super Little Big Bros Fecha: On September 27, 2008
Not even only one funny story

Heavy Rain, a game to be born in mind

If you have a playstation 3 you have to continue the track to this spectacular game of the creators of Fahrenheit, exclusive for the Sony console.

Graphically exceptional, the personages enjoy a photorealism that laugh you at Metal Gear Solid 4

To keep on reading Heavy Rain, a game to bear in mind Date: On September 4, 2008
Not even only one funny story

Kratos in Little Big Planet

Since well you know one of the explosions about Sony  for his Playstation 3  in this autumn it will be Little Big Planet. In the United States they are already beginning the reservations and the gifts for doing one of them it will be a doll of the protagonist of the game characterized as Kratos, the god of the war of God of War.

kratos little big planet

 But there is many other like those of the protagonist of Heavenly Sword (nariko), after the jump you can see it

To keep on reading Kratos in Little Big Planet Fecha: On August 7, 2008
Not even only one funny story
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