Guitar Hero, MediaMarkt and the people who is very ready

Guitar Hero, MediaMarkt and the people who is very ready

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During this week MediaMarkt (a famous chain of shops of domestic appliances, between other things) has been in mouth of all for THE OFFER OF THE YEAR (of the little that we take). Guitar Hero 3 along with the Guitar for 30 € (in some shops 40 €), since it was logical the news ran like the gunpowder in the Internet forums


Since it was foreseeable the human crowd was incredible in the centers MediaMarkt  of the big cities (Madrid and Barcelona especially), the people taking several units called relatives and friends: "Cogo other?" it was one of the most repeated phrases.

Nevertheless it has not been late in the Spanish picaresque novel appeared because to today there can meet in eBay heaps of Guitar Hero 3 sealed ones the classic excuses: "I sell it because I do not have time to play", etc... At a few prices between 50 and 60 €, all this thanks to humble persons who buy suddenly 15 guitars 


Image for gentleness of yocreoqueno that has inspired this article to me

Finally that once again the shopping centers prevent the whole world from being able to gain access to his favorite games at good price for not controlling the people that for gaining 20 wretched euros they are capable of slicing everything what they could.

Unfortunately it is not the first time that happens, so only he stays to say: I hope you will not have to eat up the Guitar Hero with potatoes!

Author Raúl Lara Fecha Enero 18 2009 Section actuality

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Comments and other funny stories


Big BossBig Boss
Date January 18, 2009

Since boy that with Saturn (the bastard son of Average Market) the one that Guitar Hero Aerosmith will have tied up with the pack of Guitar Hero III + + Guitar = 30 eurillos.


raulraul http://gameadaffiliates
Date January 18, 2009

Ufff, if he is that at these prices who does not catch the Guitar Hero from himself


Date January 18, 2009

That goes spending a lot of time with the Mediamarkt offers. I still remember when they put the The Witcher Ed. Collector to 10 € (or round there) and to two days there were hundreds in eBay.
Anyway... The above mentioned, I hope they all have to eat them with potatoes, which there is free too ready one round there. And very much prostitute's son also.
PD: I would not buy it to myself not for 20 €, hero hated the guitar.


raulraul http://gameadaffiliates
Date January 19, 2009

PD: I would not buy it to myself not for 20 €, hero hated the guitar.
:( You have made to weep for the child jesus


Manuel MoraManuel Mora
Date January 23, 2009

I did not find out about those it offers, certainly it is incredible. I think equally, hope that they should not sell any and it spends invoice to them to be so "ready".


Date 2 of Febero of 2009

So, it seems marvelous to me that do these offers, and seems also marvelous to me that the people are going like fleecy clouds to buy them.
I do not have any console but it mention to a friend that it has the wii and he said to me that in the shops GAME the same game is to 45 euros, we go that it was not so many offer as they were making to see...

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