Godzilla against the world

Godzilla against the world

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Godzilla needs height rivals and it seems that in the world of the video games it has found some.

Godzilla vs Duck Hunt

Many other Godzilla videos after the jump (against Mario, Peach, and enclosed Peter Griffin).


Godzilla vs Peter Griffin

Godzilla vs Peach

Godzilla vs reigned mushroom

Author Raul Lara Royon Fecha Septiembre 16 2008 Section frikadas

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JarkendiaJarkendia http://jueves13.wordpress.com/
Date September 17, 2008

Diox, looks like a lie that has not killed the dog...
And this Link shit? It was not giving not one, xDDD


Roy RamkerRoy Ramker http://www.otakufreaks.com
Date September 21, 2008

To fuck, that videos better xD
The one that more I have liked is the vs Duck Hunt.


raulraul http://gameadaffiliates
Date September 21, 2008

You see already I have liked very much that of Godzilla in Mario's world

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