In April we will play with new Nintendo DSi - Analysis DSi

In April we will play with new Nintendo DSi - Analysis DSi

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After many rumurología that was placing the throwing of Nintendo DSi between spring / summer of this year, finally it will be more prompt than we think on April 3 (two days rather than in the USA) when the new review will appear by still not official price of 170 € (cent arrives cent below).


One of the big attractions of the new portable Nintendo console there will be his multiple innovations that we revise you next.

Although Nintendo DSi has been much criticized in forums and blogs for gelding the compatibility with GBA, Lawsuit was more expensive than DS, to have a less trustworthy battery and to belong to Nintendo and to have slightly important innovations (I would like knowing that there seem to them the "innovations" of the different models of PSP), I believe that this new review has very interesting aspects that he will revise briefly.

Bigger screens


Although it is not the most out-standing innovation, a few bigger screens it is always of being grateful and also this time we can change the sheen in any moment thanks to a buttons combination to the Micro GB. Not only this but we have another tone more (five sheen tones in whole) so that you leave the eyes and the battery to yourselves.

Photos Chamber

A rear camerawoman and another front part are the principal advertizing claim, with they and his 0 '3 Mpx (incredible!) be possible do photos to our environment and the most important thing they apply hundreds of filters for do entertaining assemblies.

The camera has no quality great but I suppose that it will be thought so that we should use the photos only with a Nintendo DSi, of course surely that we will spend it to ourselves well doing assemblies with them.

Music breeding animal

Other one of the innovations is a tarjetero of SD Card (compatible with SD HC) thanks to which we will be able to reproduce music in AAC, veto olvidante of the format of MP3, although a device as the DS does not look like to me the more adapted to reproduce music.

Like Nintendo and his playful vein always appears in this program with which we will be able to modify the sound, it change to way karaoke or to the style NES.

Navigator of integrated Internet

Opera has realized a new and better version of the Internet navigator, unfortunately we it will not be able to use in situated web that need flash as Youtube, but insurance that comes well to look at some handlebar or to use the versions of pocket of the social networks like Facebook. Certainly that in gameadaffiliates also we have a mobile version, do visit it

Shop Online DSi Ware

Since it concerns me this one looks like to me the most interesting innovation of Nintendo DSi, a shop in line in which we will be able to acquire both games and applications, his potential is very big if we add to him the virtues of the hardware of Nintendo DS along with how cheap it is to develop. In Japan there are already a few available ones at very accessible prices (some free applications as the web navigator) from 2€ from now on.

In the beginning the catalog of DSi Ware is not any marvel, we can only find some games cut away (individual games of 42 everlasting games and Wario Ware) and some interesting innovation as a new Wario Ware that will make use of the camera or different games of the series Bit Generations. Owing to the Japanese throwing Nintendo it had to good to give 1000 points to spend in the shop: Will we be lucky in Europe?

Other interesting innovations

A new menu, the possibility of updates of the firmware to add innovations and to fight the piracy. New buttons of ignition, volume and L/R, more indicators of wi-fi and battery, possibility of extracting and of putting games to the flight, progress in the safety of the wi-fi.

Finally Nintendo DSi proposes a quite interesting hardware in your hand stays and you take it or leave it, I particularly if it had a DS Tocha would do the change, if on the contrary a DS had Lawsuit he me it would think a little more that the stove is not for rolls


Author Raul Lara Royon Fecha 19 of Febero of 2009 Section actuality

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