Consoles Made in Spain

Consoles Made in Spain

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Sure that very much you have known hundreds of clonal consoles or pirates, the majority they were copied of classic consoles as Atari or the NES (of course there is more NES pirates in the world that originals).


Attentive to the game it covers "Comefrutas" with stars: What game will be?

In Spain we had a few consoles Made in Spain that have the doubtful honor of being the only native consoles between them the TRQ H-21, the console MX-Onda or the Master's degree Games MK-X.

The TRQ H-21

Made by the company Workshop Radioelectricos Querol (TRQ), settled down in Vinarós (Castellón), at present one dedicates to the sector of the emergency system of illumination, that is to say these lights that ignite when the electricity goes away.


Nevertheless at the beginning of the 80s intentarion to put in the world of the video games with a clonal console of Interton VC-4000 that was very popular in Germany at the beginning of the nineties and of that our TRQ H21 was compatible


His price was about 120 € current euros, that is to say 20.000 pesetas somewhere near the 80s (that is to say great money) and it is not known to true science if it was provided with specific games for her, saving the copies of games as Space Invaders or PacMan (comefrutas).

The MX Wave clone of the NES

On the other hand we have the MX Wave (which company has head office in Madrid) that is not another thing than a version pirate of the NES, this one went so far as even to have one true fame in the epoch because, on having been made by a Spanish company with a certain cache, we could see her announced in television, is said (I cannot assure it to you because I do not have) that is one of the clonal ones of major materials quality.


Since you can see his design it looks alike to that of the Gentle Drive 2 (although nevertheless it seems that it is previous to the redesign of the console of Sega), anque the ignition buttons, reset and eject they come straight from the Super Nintendo.


His managers are very similar to those of Gentle Drive, as curious fact (as other consoles of the epoch) has with two antenitas for the connection with the TV. On contrary that clonal others this one had no games in the memory but a cartridge, and as advantage was a multiregion with what there work the American and Japanese games of the NES.

Master's degree Games MK-X

Little is known about the MK-X, unless it is made in Spain, that his box is suspiciously similar to that of the NES (for not saying equally) and that his design is traced to that of the Super NES.




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